Another small budget movie which is all set to test its look at the box office is ‘4 Letters’. R. Raghuraj has helmed this... I am dedicating my movie to all Engineering students,” says the director R Raghuraj

Another small budget movie which is all set to test its look at the box office is ‘4 Letters’. R. Raghuraj has helmed this project. Dommaraju Uday Kumar and Dommaraju Hemalatha bankrolled this project. Newcomer Eshwar is playing the lead role in this film whereas Tuva Chakraborty and Ankita Maharan are marking their debut by playing the female leads in this film. Bheems Ceciroleo is composing music for this film. Citti Babu is cranking the camera. Talking about the film, the director of the movie has revealed some interesting things. Here are some excerpts.

*’4 Letters’ is a movie based on engineering students. I want to dedicate this movie to all the engineering students out there.

*One day, I was going home from Hyderabad airport in a cab. In that case, there is a quotation which grabbed my attention. It read, ‚ÄúScience Is About Knowing, Engineering Is About Doing..But All Engineers Are Dyeing”. When asked about it, the driver said that he is a BTech student and so many engineering students like him are doing small jobs as they couldn’t get good jobs. That’s how I got a idea of doing a movie on engineering students. We also have a message for all the students in the movie.

*People will always talk about ‘Love at First Sight’ but all such love stories end with breakups. With this, the movie we are introducing a new concept called ‘Love At Second Look’ and we are confident that the audience will definitely like that.

*Not only the youth but also the family audience can happily watch this film and they will really like this movie.

*We did a big experiment in this movie which no one has ever done in the past 100 years of Indian Movie History. You will understand what it is only after watching the film.

*In our film, the heroine’s mother doesn’t like the four letters RICH whereas the heroine’s father doesn’t like the four words POOR. The heroine of the movie doesn’t like the four words LOVE. Heroine’s father experiences nothing but FAIL in his life. Hero’s friends don’t even think about the four letters PASS.

*We shot the film in rich locations. Especially, we shot some songs in some exotic locations in Thailand.