Film; LAW Presents ; Smt Sandhyarani Munna Producer : Ramesh Babu Munna Co Producer : Maddipati Shiva Starring : Kamalkamaraju,Mauryani,Pooja Ramchandran and others Direted... Law Movie review

Film; LAW
Presents ; Smt Sandhyarani Munna
Producer : Ramesh Babu Munna
Co Producer : Maddipati Shiva
Starring : Kamalkamaraju,Mauryani,Pooja Ramchandran and others
Direted by :Gagan gopal Mulka
Release date : 23/11/2018 Rating 3/5

Every week one or two small budget movies get released. But only a few manage to impress the audience and become hits. One of the small budget movies that is testing its luck at the box office today is LAW ( Love And War ). Touted to be a revenge-based drama with a love story the film also has a horror touch which makes the audience easily connect to the story. Kamal Kamaraju, Mouryani, and Pooja Ramachandran played the lead roles in the film. Gagan Gopal Mulka helmed this project and Ramesh Babu Munna produced the film. Manju Bhargavi also played a vital role in the film. Let’s see if this small budget movie succeeded in impressing the audience or not.


The entire movie revolves around a big apartment named as Madhuram Apartments. Radha (Mouryani) and Vikram (Kamal Kamaraju) falls in love. Vikram gets the job as a police officer. Everything goes well until some unexpected things start to happen in the apartment that changes their lives. Vikram takes up to sort out the mystery of this apartment as his first case. what are the things? How they changed the lives of Radha and Vikram? Did Vikram succeed in solving the mystery? What happened to the love story and what happened in the end? forms the rest of the story.


Kamal Kamaraju did a spectacular job. He delivered a wonderful performance when compared to his previous movies. Mouryani looked beautiful in the movie. She delivered a decent performance. Pooja Ramachandran played a crippled girl role in the movie and she sure will impress the audience with her stunning performance. She also has an experience in playing the ghost roles and she did a good job in this movie as well. Mallidi Ravi played the watchman role and gave an excellent performance in the movie. As a devotee of Shiva, he has given his career-best performance. Manju Bhargavi justified her role really well. The rest of the rest of the characters also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

The director did a great job. The story is not that gripping but he managed to narrate the script really well. He could have avoided some routine commercial elements but the horror angle is too good. The production values are the major highlight. Despite being a small budget movie, the producers haven’t compromised in the quality and production values are decent. Cinematography by Amar Kumar P is nice. The visuals are good. Editing by SS Sunkara could have been better as there are so many draggy scenes which can be edited out. Music by Satya Kashyap is good. His background music elevated the scenes pretty well. Runtime is bearable.

Camera Work

Few Boring Scenes


The first half just introduces the characters and narrates a small story. The horror scenes are scripted and executed well. The lack of comedy can be considered as one of the major setbacks. The chemistry between the leads didn’t work out. There are some routine boring elements which won’t won’t be impressive. The suspense and thrilling track are really good and the audience will definitely connect to the movie. The second half is pretty decent. The interval bang is good. On the whole, ‘LAW’ is a good film to watch this weekend.

Punch Line: LAW’ is a good thriller with a gripping story.