small budget movie is all set to test its lAnotheruck at the box office and it is none other than ‘Swayamvada’. Aditya Alluri, Anika... Swayamvada Review

small budget movie is all set to test its lAnotheruck at the box office and it is none other than ‘Swayamvada’. Aditya Alluri, Anika Rao, Archana Kaudli played the lead roles in this movie directed by Vivek Verma Raja Durvasula under Lakshmi Chalanachitra bankrolled this project. Ramana GV scored music for this film which got released today on May 17, 2019. Posani Krishna Murali, Dhanraj of Bigg Boss Fame, Sarika Ramachandra Rao, Lohith Kumar, Anand Chakrapani etc played crucial roles in this movie. Let’s check out the review of the film.


Swayamvada (Anika Rao) is a girl who thinks that everyone should obey her words and do whatever she asked them to. Her father Vikram Reddy (Lohith Kumar) loves her so much and treat her like a princess. Swayamvada does not like anyone who makes them angry and is a person who holds grudges. Vikram Reddy works Venkatramudu (Posani Krishna Murali) whose son is Subbu (Subbarao) (Aditya Alluri) wants to become a movie hero but his parents doesn’t like him to get into the movies. Swayamvada falls in love with Subbu and tells the same to her father. Her father approaches Venkataramudu and fix the alliance. But, Subbu doesn’t like Swayamvada’s attitude and rejects the marriage which angers Swayamvada. What will she do now forms the rest of the story.


Anika Rao as the female lead is definitely a show stealer for this film. The actress has performed really well in the movie. She has showcased her amazing acting skills with her role and will definitely create an impact on the audience. Aditya Alluri also did his best and delivered an honest performance in the movie. Lohit Kumar got an interesting role in the film and has pulled it off with ease. Posani Krishna Murali did a decent job in essaying his role and Dhan Raj will definitely evoke some good laughs in the theatres. Venu Muralidhar also performed well. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Director Vivek Verma has succeeded in showing how the negative attitude will ruin a person. He has made the film with entertainment and impressive scenes. Even the first scene itself will give goosebumps for the audience and from the start to the end, the director has succeeded in keeping the audience to the edge of the chair. Production values are very rich. GV Ramana’s music is really good. Keeping the songs aside, his BGM especially in the horror scenes really came out really well. Selva Kumar’s editing is just average. Cinematography is good and he has given some good visuals for the film.


The director has handled the story well which also has horror and suspense elements. The movie not only makes the audience laugh but also makes them to think. The film also delivers a message in an impressive way. We have seen so many horror movies but most of them will have the same story line but unlike them ‘Swayamvada’ is extremely different when compared to the routine horror films and has its own beauty. One side the director has succeeded in delivering a decent message and on the other side he has also impressed the audience with his storytelling skills. We can give the entire credit to the director and can say that he is undoubtedly one of the talented directors in the industry. Overall, Swayamvada is really good movie which is worth watching. rating 3/5