Film ;Toli Parichayam Release Date 15 /12 /2017 Rating 3/5 Venky and Lasya have played the lead roles in the film Tholi Parichayam.... Toli Parichayam Review

Film ;Toli Parichayam

Release Date 15 /12 /2017 Rating 3/5

Venky and Lasya have played the lead roles in the film Tholi Parichayam. The film released today in the theatres and the film is directed by L.Radhakrishna. Let us check out the review of the film here.

Venky, Harini (Lasya) hates marriage system and they are against marriage. They have a feeling that the marriage kills their freedom. As a result, they develop hatred towards marriage. As this is happening, Venky and Lasya’s fathers are students of a retired teacher (Murali Mohan). At some point, both Venky and Lasya happen to meet Murali Mohan and they come to know about each other in their journey and in their first meeting. What happens then? Will their opinion on marriage change? What did Murali Mohan do to change their mind sets? Who is this retired teacher? Forms the rest of the story.

The hero,heroines who are new in the film have done well. Their performances is going to be a major highlight in the film. They did very naturally. Raghu babu impressed everyone in a unique role. Viva Harsha’s comedy has come out well and it could have been nice if his character has got some good strength. All the other actors did well and made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:
The films runs on a village backdrop. Technically everyone worked hard to make this a better one. The music and RR has come out well and it elevated all the scenes very well. The cinematography of the movie is good and he has portrayed the village very well and brought out the real assets of the same. The editing is okay and good in parts. There are few unnecessary scenes which could have been chopped off but the prodution values are grand. On a whole the film is certainly a good one and must watch for everyone.

The film’s story happens in a good village backdrop. Though the story starts in Hyderabad, it shifts to the village and it provides wonderful visuals. There is a good environment that has been created for the film and the director has utilised it pretty much in narrating his story. The scenes between lead actors are very good and the on-screen chemistry between the leads has come out well too. The way the director has researched in studying the lead characters and the way he has portrayed those characters through the story is interesting.

The first half completely revolves around the lives of these two lead actors and the interval bang that comes has a good scope for the audiences to wait for the second half. The scenes that come during the interval bang are good and they set good premise for the second half of the movie. The second half of the film has come out well and it has lived up to the expectations.

The film has limited artists and all of them have done very well. Viva Harsha’s role has come out well and he entertained everyone in the movie. Raghu babu has played a good role. The story runs in a serious mode. The comedy in the movie is situational comedy and it never went over board.

Plus points:

Minus Points:
Some unnecessary scenes

There is a good message in the ending of the film which has come out well. On a whole the audiences who like fresh stories and fresh concepts will definitely like this film.

Punch Line: Toli Parichayam Is Promising